Monday, 9 June 2014

NRS cVest

The new kid on the block.

Meet the NRS cVest, a buoyancy aid designed with offshore kayaking in mind. The NRS cVest looks likely to become the next 'go to' PFD for kayak fishing, thanks to a sleek look, plenty of storage pockets, and a well received high back design. 

Why is a high back design so good? 
In a nutshell, it makes sitting upright against a backrest is more comfortable. This is particularly favourable for sit on top paddlers, especially fishermen, who rely on their backrest for support and comfort.

Here's what our customers had to say about the NRS cVest:

"I like the higher back for the bucket seat in the Dorado. Not had a dunk in her yet, but initial thoughts are not bad at all. I also really like the thinner front. Oh, and it's got a picture of a Stingray on the back!". - Ken Arrow (Facebook)

"Love the cVest! Its' design at the back is perfect for the high back on my Ultra 4.3, which was my only bug with the kayak. Now the problem is solved! Great piece of kit". - Michael Roberts (Facebook)

The NRS cVest really is top of the range PFD, rivalling the likes of the Palm Kaikoura and the Peak UK Explorer Zip. Best of all the price is a bit kinder to your bank account!

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